Sunday, December 29, 2019

My Mom is Sick has made the Chanticleer Little Peeps Shortlist!

I'm excited to report that My Mom Is Sick and It's Okay has made the Chanticleer Little Peeps Shortlist! This book means a lot to me, and I'm really happy that it has made it from the slush pile, to the Longlist, and now to the Shortlist!

Now it's in the running for the semi-finalist awards in April 2020. It's just an honor to have made it this far.

Below is the official notice!

Happy writing and Happy New Year!

These works have advanced to the 2019 Little Peeps Book Awards Shortlist!

  • Sylva Fae and Katie Weaver – Elfabet
  • Lauren Mosback – In Grandpaw’s Pawprints
  • Lauren Mosback – My Sister’s Super Skills
  • Cheree Finley – W-B-C Team
  • Dawn Marie Thompson – Double Trouble
  • Dawn Marie Thompson – Barnyard Bully
  • M. Lisa Rinaca – Nate and The Nanticoke Clipper
  • Trevor Young & Eleanor Long – Galdo’s Gift: The Boovie
  • Norma Lewis – Let All Things Now Living
  • Norma Lewis – Totem Pole
  • Norma Lewis – The Canter Beary Tales
  • Kizzie Jones – A Tall Tale About Dachshunds in Costumes: How MORE Dogs Came to Be
  • Robert Wright Jr – Mummy in the Museum
  • Marianne Andresen Magin – The Legend of Santa’s Sleighbells
  • George Yuhasz – Imagine That: The Magic of the Mysterious Lights
  • Angie McPherson – My Mom Is Sick and It’s Okay
  • Stephanie Dreyer – Not A Purse
  • Justine Avery – What Wonders Do You See… When You Dream?
  • Lucy Patterson Murray – Dream Island
  • Ellie Smith – Tex the Explorer: Journey Around the Earth
  • Shana Hollowell – When the Squirrel Sings
  • Mary Troxclair Adamson – Yo, Ho! Armadilleaux!
  • Gregory Pohl – The Impossible
  • Linda Bledsoe – Pigs Can’t Skate
  • Oleg Kush – 1 & 0, Lion & Mouse, Aries the Sheep and Other Fairy-Tales
  • Kasey J. Claytor – Pinky, And The Magical Secret He Kept Inside
  • Edyta McQueen – Girly Girl Adventure: Rescue on the Ski Hill
  • Ann Riley Cooper – Catch and Release
  • Juliette Douglas – We are Awesome Possums
  • M.J. Evans – Percy-The Racehorse Who Didn’t Like to Run
  • J. Steven Young – Gus and the Winter Sprite
  • Johnny Ray Moore – Anthill for Sale
  • Melodie Tegay – Hannah’s Two Homes: life in a “blended” family; a 5-year-old’s perspective
  • Keri T Collins – You Can Call Me Katelyn

These entries have now advanced to the  2019 Little Peeps Shortlist from the Long List. 

The ShortListers’ works will compete for the Semi-Finalists positions for the 2019 Little Peeps Book Awards.