Friday, April 26, 2024

The Dinos are Here!!

 Brontie Finds a Friend is now available for purchase on Amazon! This fun book (picture and coloring book) was near and dear to my heart. It was my way of dealing with the loss of my two senior horses late fall of 2023. I wasn't ready to bring about another horse book, but I still wanted to put something new on my table for the kids this year. Hence, little Kimbi, Brontie, and the dino friends was born. 

If your kiddo loves dinosaurs, this book is for them! Join Brontie as she encounters a new kind of friend!

I hope you enjoy my newest creation!

Happy reading!


Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Do you like Dinosaurs??? New Release Coming Soon!

 My newest picture book release will be coming soon! And this one has dinosaurs! And a little, tiny mammal wants to join in on the playtime fun. I'm in the final approval stages through KDP. I am also working on a corresponding coloring book that is the same story -- just for the kids that want to be creative and still read a story.

I illustrated this book and had a great time bringing all the dino friends together. 

I've always been enthralled with dinosaurs and after the loss of my last two horses, I find myself being reinvented as a dino illustrator. I find drawing dinosaurs very similar to drawing horses. They all have necks, legs, tails. Just in a much more massive form. 

So stay tuned for official release info for Brontie Finds a Friend!


 Coming soon!! Stay tuned for more info about my new furry mammal friend featured in the book!

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