Monday, November 22, 2021

Christmas shopping at your local Holiday Bazaar!


 Selling at Christmastime has always been a favorite of mine. It could be the possibility of finding new readers or the excitement of getting another book from an author you've read before. I love Christmas Bazaars at local schools. Everyone is in a good mood and, for once, I don't have to worry about the wind or rain terrorizing my books! I really appreciate inside events. I don't do nearly enough of them.

 Christmas Tree, Lights, Stars, Glowing, Shining, Shiny 

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I did a bazaar at a local YMCA this weekend. We had a pretty decent crowd and lots of different vendors. I met a retired schoolteacher who sold homemade candles. After learning the process of making the candles, I think I'll stick with writing. Way too much patience is needed for my liking.

Across the aisle, I met a woman and her son (fresh out of high school) that began a pottery making business. She had the coolest designs and the prettiest covers. On the other side of me, a grandma and her two grandchildren were selling homemade relish and other condiments.

And, of course, the requisite Paparazzi, Avon and Pampered Chef were present.

This is just a reminder that nice, thoughtful gifts can be found at your local craft fair and holiday bazaar. You never know what you're going to find (magic wallets, included!!)

Hope everyone has a wonderful Turkey Day!


Tuesday, November 9, 2021

New chapter book series coming!

 Heading into the holiday season, I'm heading into a new chapter book series: Barn Cat Rescues. Granted, I only have 2 books in the works, as I only have 2 barn cat rescues but I'm excited about them. Currently I have Misty's Wish available in picture book and coloring book form, but at selling events I realized older kids might want a weightier read, so I created a chapter book out of the kitten's stories.

The book is told by Misty as she finds herself and her sister adopted out to be barn kittens. Her sister loves her new home, but Misty is scared of everything. She's not sure if the barn is where she should be. This chapter book lets me flesh out the story more and go more in depth into Misty's story. It was fun to write and flowed quickly onto the page.

I hope the kiddos will like the newest edition to my early reader chapter book collection!

Happy holidays and happy reading!