Thursday, February 16, 2023

My Very First Podcast Appearance is LIVE!

 I was invited to be on Laura Womack's podcast, Bloom Where You're Planted - The Never Too Late Podcast a few weeks ago. This is my first time talking on a podcast and I was very nervous. I've never been a fan of public speaking. And, yes, it's different selling my book to people I don't know. I've always dreaded the part of talking in front of large crowds. Over time, my fear has lessened a little due to previous jobs, including taking Dale Carnegie classes.

After the recording session was complete, Laura explained the editor would then work on making the podcast recording sound professional and add opening music. She also said it would be a few weeks before it would be released into the world. 

But do I have a good voice? I know it sounds different inside my head. I dreaded hearing what I really sound like to the real world.

Last night, I received a message that the podcast had been released. I wasn't brave enough to listen to it right then, so I made a promise with myself to listen in the morning. I even set a calendar alarm to double ensure I really did it.


 Bloom Where You're Planted - Angie McPherson/ Penny Pearson - EPISODE 54

Fast forward to the next day, my alarm reminded me and it went in search for my podcast. I was so very pleasantly surprised I didn't sound like a complete dork. I even sounded like I knew what I was talking about.

If you have forty-five spare minutes, definitely pop into the website and catch my podcast! I talk about writing books under two different names in multiple genres, where I grew up as a young girl and where my life led after that.

Happy listening and read on!


Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Spring Shows Coming Soon!


 Spring is right around the corner and my first book shows are lined up! 


Bird, Branch, Perched, Feathers 

Courtesy of Pixabay (JillWellington)

The first one in March is a school craft show that is a fund raiser for a local high school. I've never done an event at this location, so I'm looking forward to meeting new people. It's always interesting to see what sells the best at new places like this, as each area tends to have "favorites." Sometimes it's vampires, other times something different. For my children's books, it's more definite. It's usually cats vs horses. Although, this time, I'm giving them totally new subject material in a form of magic. So, we'll see.

The first show will be inside, which is a welcome break over outside shows. I don't have to worry how hot, cold, or rainy the weather is. The show in May, well, I take my chances. Last year, I had to leave early due to weather. 

Book + Rain = Sadness

I will also be taking some titles to a model horse show I'm entering in April. My Girl's Guide to Time Travel always gets lots of attention, courtesy of The Man. And, of course, my horse books do well.

I'm ready to say goodbye to all this cold weather and am looking forward to warmer weather (and not so much mud)!

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Monday, January 23, 2023

First Ever Podcast Appearance


Today was my first time interviewing on a podcast about being an author. I was quite nervous, as I'm not the best at being vocal about my projects (at least with the idea of having a large audience listening.) I met Laura Womack at last year's Imaginarium Convention in Louisville, KY in July. After chatting and exchanging business cards, we went our separate ways. A couple of weeks ago, she contacted me and asked if I might be interested in being on her podcast.

 Courtesy of NeverTooLateCafe

I listened to some of her previous episodes and decided it might be a good thing to do. Laura sent me three questions she said she would ask and they were very straight forward: What would I tell anyone interested in going into the same field I'm in, what are my next projects and what does bloom where your planted mean to me.

During the podcast recording, she laid out her plans on how the interview was going to go and informed me the final product would be released four to five weeks later, after it was edited. We only did a voice call, after she had previous trouble with video recordings in the past. Which was super fine with me. During the recording, Laura would ask me questions (it really showed she did her research before inviting me) and it kept me going and left no dead air.

We talked for about forty minutes and then the session was concluded. It was a very pleasant experience and I would definitely be interested in any future podcasts. It wasn't as terrifying as I'd expected.

 Bloom Where You're Planted podcast found at


Stay tuned for more info on air date!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

New Release Coming Soon!

 I've been working on a new chapter book series and completed Book 1 of the Magic Today: School Days  series. I've written about all my barn animals and now I've officially run out of critters. So, I decided to do a series based on my adult supernatural adventure novella series, Magic Today.

In my kids series, it involves children that get magical talent and how they deal with it. Magic is a norm in their world and its not Harry Potter-like. They are just individuals that get a (as in one) magical talent.

My illustrations for the book are complete, so I'm in the formatting phase and hopefully will be ready to release the first book before my first in-person show that is in March.


Here's a sneak peak of an illustration! 


 Currently, I'm finishing the editing of one of my adult novels and then Magic Today: School Days will line up next.

Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

Stay warm and read on!


Saturday, January 14, 2023

I Love Collecting Model Horses! And, YES, I'm a Grown-up!

 I got my first Breyer horse from Santa when I was a young girl. A prancing palomino Arabian stallion. Family Arabian Stallion (Breyer):

 And that started my lifelong love affair with model horses. I've always been a horse lover. I've owned horses for more than forty years. I went to college for training horses. I'm plain and simple a horse girl.

 I love horses.

And I love model horses. Breyer horses are on my Christmas list every single year since I was seven. I have real horses in the barn, but I'm always looking at what new models are newly arrived and what customs have been put up for sale by talented artists.

 My husband and daughter just laugh and think I'm slightly off-kilter for being so crazy for these plastic horses. We won't even get into how much money a person could spend on a horse. Who am I kidding, I will get into it. At this year's Breyerfest in Lexington, KY, the highest selling model horse at their auction was The Lone Ranger's Silver model turned into a silver dun Pegasus. It sold for $65,000! Yep. You read that correctly.

Over the last few years, I've gotten into customizing model horses (thanks to NaiMoPaiMo in February) and I find pastels are the medium of choice.  I imagine I will get better with each horse I do, but I have so many things to learn.

 So, that brings me to one of my newest additions to my model horse stable. I told myself (and my husband) that I wouldn't buy anymore. Yeah, that didn't work. I ran across the horse below on a sale site. Days went by, and I found myself looking on my phone, half-hoping it would have a sold icon on the ad and half-dreading it would have a sold icon on the ad. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I made an offer and it was accepted.

  Ad photo/image 

 Bellatrix customized by Audrey Dixon from Wild Horse Studios

 I'm so excited. I've never owned this model before and the workmanship on her looks incredible. And someday, soon I hope, I'll be able to take her to a show (I'll do a separate post on showing model horses later!).

So, now you know, I have an obsession with model horses and I don't see when my love for them will ever go away. I look forward to seeing all the amazing horses in the future!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

My First Reading Glasses Experience

 No one told me I would need reading glasses. I'm 48 years old and had NO clue this was something that almost everyone needed as they aged. I am the black sheep in a family where everyone wears glasses. For my entire life, I was lucky enough to be able to see just fine. I ate lots of carrots.

I noticed a few months ago I couldn't read the tiny instructions on the back of pill bottles. If I did try to read, my eyeballs would hurt. Still never crossed my mind that I would need glasses to aid me in reading. Then the blurriness grew to impacting when I would read books while brushing my teeth. (All my free time I try to devote to writing - or surfing the internet for little model horses -- that will be another posting.) So, I read while I brush my teeth with my electric toothbrush. And I couldn't see the words in my historical romance I was reading. Not fair!


15 Best Reading Glasses to Shop in 2022, According to an ExpertCourtesy of 


One day I had stopped in a store for something and walked past their reading glasses fixture. My brain whispered to me to try a pair on. Ughh. I didn't want to put glasses on. In my mind, it was a sign of weakness, but I still reached out and picked a bright yellow pair and slid onto my head, settling them on my nose. When I looked out into the store, things were blurry and I breathed a sigh of relief. 

See, I didn't need glasses.

Then I saw the little card on the side of the fixture and suddenly the font was crystal clear. I lifted the glasses and the suggested prescription "fit" guide grew blurry. I slid the glasses down. CLEAR.

I was elated! Thirty seconds ago, I was ready to pump my hand in the air with the declaration that I don't need glasses. But I wouldn't have been able to see.

Now, the second eye opening fact of the day was when I turned to my eleven year old daughter and asked her how I looked and she screwed up her face and said, "I don't like how they look." Well, I don't either, I had to conclude, but to able to read clearly again and without eyeball pain, I might be willing to look uncool. 

One week later, I have three pairs of glasses spread around the house. One in bathroom, one in living room and one in purse. I need my readers to do anything closer than arm's length. I can see now and am somewhat more willing to acknowledge aging is something I must be willing to accept. I might not be happy with it, but I have to understand there's no way around it.

Happy reading!

Saturday, November 26, 2022

The Mysterious Benedict Society - what a fun series!

My daughter and I stumbled across The Mysterious Benedict Society while surfing Disney+'s many movies, so we thought, "What the heck. Why not give it a try?" The original book series is written by award-winning author Trenton Lee Stewart.

To say we are hooked is an understatement. We binge watched the first season after we stumbled across the second season preview. It looked so interesting we had to give it a try. I loved the fantasy element of it and couldn't wait to see what kind of adventure we'd be taken on.


Courtesy of

Season One introduced us to four very resourceful orphans as they answer a mysterious ad in the newspaper in which the best students would get a scholarship to a prestigious school. We get to meet Reynie, Sticky, Kate and Constance. Each has their own distinct personalities and with each episode you can really see how they continue to bring the best out in each other. The children learn about their mission through their benefactor, Mr. Benedict and his helpers - Number Two, Rhonda and Milligan - each of these having their own skill sets.

The Mysterious Benedict Society TV Review | Common Sense Media 

Courtesy of Common Sense Media

 I don't want to get into any spoilers but wanted to let my readers know that this serious is enjoyable to all ages. There's comedy, action, and mystery - what's not to love? I love the costumes and the environment in every scene they take us to.

Every episode had us wishing it wasn't over and wanting more! Every single character that walks across the screen is carefully placed and integral to some part of the story.

One fun thing to be on the lookout for that had Morgan and I giggling in glee involves Number Two. When you see her swinging the axe to chop down tree branches, you'll know why.

I highly recommend this series and can't wait to see more!

Happy reading and write on!