Wednesday, October 26, 2022

A Lesson Learned

I managed to lock myself out of my book room today. By book room, I mean the room I store all inventory for my book events. Tables, chairs, signs, business cards, book stands. Everything. And it was my fault. I didn’t lean one of the tables back the way I usually do (they have a nice spot RIGHT behind the door and out of the way). So, a little while later, I went to open the door and… nothing. 

Door wouldn’t budge.

disappointed dog - Animal Fair Courtesy of

Yes, my husband probably told me a bunch of times to put the tables somewhere else in the room. I don’t like admitting that he’s right. But now I have to and, I promise you, when I get back in that darn room, I’ll make sure I put them somewhere better where they can’t fall over and block people from entering! 

Now we have to basically kill the door in order to get into the room.  

Which could be cool since Halloween is right around the corner and we can re-enact The Shining.

So, this is a lesson learned. Don't be in a hurry and listen to the well-meaning advice of others.

 Have a happy Halloween!

Write on!