Tuesday, September 6, 2022

A Suggestion Adds to my Collection!

 At a recent book event, a young child looked at all my coloring books and said they wished I had something with fish. I had no fish. But that night I went home and started working on my next project. I pushed aside my adult novel I'm currently writing (I won't lie, I was glad for the break.) 

While looking for fish, I realized I know nothing about fish - especially tropical fish. But I always like doing these coloring books because it gives me the chance to learn about what I'm drawing. I also liked adding more than just fish to my newest book. Seals, sea gulls (although I learned they really should be call simply gulls) and turtles were added as well.

The next suggestions in my 'get to eventually' bin are flowers and "Getting ready to Show" - another horse-centric book!

Sea Fun on Amazon

I wish everyone a great fall season and lots of pumpkin yumminess!

Write on!