Thursday, February 28, 2019

Princess Polliwog & the Swing Thief is coming to the world in less than 72 hours!

My first children's picture book will be out in the world in the next 72 hours! I'm so excited. I will have a color picture book, as well as a coloring book. My business cards came in today and they are so colorful - a big change from my current dark fantasy genre.

From Princess Polliwog, Illustrated by Bryan Werts, Published by Pen It! Publications
They illustrations are so bright and colorful and Bryan Werts, the illustrator, did an absolutely amazing job. I entered this manuscript in a publishing contest and was lucky enough to be the winner. So, I had a gentle transition into the children's picture book world.

One big difference is the cost of the books. It costs more to print in color. And every page is very colorful. Hopefully I can sell the books to cover the cost. I am excited to do a book reading to my first graders class.

I'll keep everyone posted on how that goes!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Going on a cruise!

My husband and I decided to try our hand at cruising this summer because I might or might not be seasick, and I didn't want to waste major $ on a cruise if I'm praying to the porcelain goddess the entire time. I've never been on a cruse and I am excited to experience it! Right now, we're trying to figure out if the soda plan is sufficient or if we should go the full-alcohol route. After reading some blogs, I've determined I'm probably not going to drink 4 or 5 alcoholic beverages a day. We can just pay out of our pockets for any fun "adult" drinks we want after we get there.

We've scheduled our outing after getting to the Bahamas. It seems very exciting. If everything goes right with this trip, it will open the door to other cruise options. Disney cruise for my little one.; a big writers' cruise for me. All sorts of fun!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Getting Down to the Wire!

My first children's book, Princess Polliwog & the Swing Thief, is due to come out a y week now. I am super excited as this opens new doors in the literary community. Schools and libraries weren't good choices for my paranormal adventure novels. Too many demons and vampires. Probably frowned upon in a school environment.
The one thing I found is the cost per book for author copies surpasses a 80,000 word novel. I didn't expect that. It does make me nervous about selling copies due to price. I have events lined up starting in March. I will have a good idea what the reception is like then.
I have been thinking of doing a classroom reading in my daughter's school, too. With donating a book, that might get parents interested. I am still trying to wrap my head around getting a following. I will just have to wait and see.
Keep hopping everyone!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Strange changes - from paranormal to children's books

This is my first official post as Angie McPherson, children's book author. My first blog is under Penny Pearson, author of paranormal adventures. I wanted to create a separation of genres and so here I am! My first children's book, Princess Polliwog and the Swing Thief, is due to be released in the few month or so. It is such an exciting opportunity for me, and a way to share my work in a normal way.

I entered a children's book contest with my Polliwog manuscript and it won first place! This enabled my idea in my head to come to fruition. Polliwog would never have hopped into my mind without my daughter. When she was a baby, we would tell her stories. These stories grew and became a community in our brains. We created a magical world where there were frog princesses. I wanted a strong character my daughter would be proud of and Polliwog answers that call. She's not afraid to stand up for what she wants and she won't let a mystery get in her way.

So stay tuned for more new publishing news!
Have a hoppy day!