Sunday, November 29, 2020

Making my first EVER book trailer!

 So, I attempted my very first book trailer... ever... this week. The idea came up while I was in my online book group meeting. No one had made a book trailer before. Me, being a glutton for punishment, volunteered myself to do what had never been done before!

My only criteria: spend no money. I know paying someone to do this would be better. I'm not THAT computer literate. But I also realize I don't have much of a platform to make paying someone worthwhile. I've heard book trailers don't help with sales. My thought on this, is it might help. Even if I get one sale from this, I'll be in the black. So, other than the time it takes me to make this book trailer, I'm not really out anything.

The first thing I did was do some research on the internet. I found that I can make my trailer on PowerPoint. That's great because I'm sort of familiar with that program (had to do some of my Masters as a PowerPoint presentation, as well as this summer I completed 2 presentations on PP for Imaginarium Convention on coloring and children's books).

To PowerPoint I went. This will be quick and in a nutshell, mainly because I'm not an expert and don't want to be responsible for telling people how to do things wrong! 

I came up with:

-Background (courtesy of Pixabay)

- Sample illustrations from book (4 or 5)

- Simple points of text

- Music (courtesy of Pixabay)


Some trailers are several minutes long. I chose something less than a minute. I wanted it short and sweet and to the point. With the help of my very tech-savvy husband, I was able to complete the book trailer and post it in a couple of hours. I know each time I do this, I'll be able to cut the time down, as well, if I decide to do more book trailers.

So, without further adieu, here's my book trailer below. I also have it on YouTube (first time I've ever posted anything on that site, too). 

 YouTube link:

 Now I'll wait to see if I have more book sales due to this posting! Here's to hoping it does!

Until next time!

Write on!



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