Tuesday, November 9, 2021

New chapter book series coming!

 Heading into the holiday season, I'm heading into a new chapter book series: Barn Cat Rescues. Granted, I only have 2 books in the works, as I only have 2 barn cat rescues but I'm excited about them. Currently I have Misty's Wish available in picture book and coloring book form, but at selling events I realized older kids might want a weightier read, so I created a chapter book out of the kitten's stories.

The book is told by Misty as she finds herself and her sister adopted out to be barn kittens. Her sister loves her new home, but Misty is scared of everything. She's not sure if the barn is where she should be. This chapter book lets me flesh out the story more and go more in depth into Misty's story. It was fun to write and flowed quickly onto the page.

I hope the kiddos will like the newest edition to my early reader chapter book collection!

Happy holidays and happy reading!


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