Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Going on a cruise!

My husband and I decided to try our hand at cruising this summer because I might or might not be seasick, and I didn't want to waste major $ on a cruise if I'm praying to the porcelain goddess the entire time. I've never been on a cruse and I am excited to experience it! Right now, we're trying to figure out if the soda plan is sufficient or if we should go the full-alcohol route. After reading some blogs, I've determined I'm probably not going to drink 4 or 5 alcoholic beverages a day. We can just pay out of our pockets for any fun "adult" drinks we want after we get there.

We've scheduled our outing after getting to the Bahamas. It seems very exciting. If everything goes right with this trip, it will open the door to other cruise options. Disney cruise for my little one.; a big writers' cruise for me. All sorts of fun!

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