Thursday, February 28, 2019

Princess Polliwog & the Swing Thief is coming to the world in less than 72 hours!

My first children's picture book will be out in the world in the next 72 hours! I'm so excited. I will have a color picture book, as well as a coloring book. My business cards came in today and they are so colorful - a big change from my current dark fantasy genre.

From Princess Polliwog, Illustrated by Bryan Werts, Published by Pen It! Publications
They illustrations are so bright and colorful and Bryan Werts, the illustrator, did an absolutely amazing job. I entered this manuscript in a publishing contest and was lucky enough to be the winner. So, I had a gentle transition into the children's picture book world.

One big difference is the cost of the books. It costs more to print in color. And every page is very colorful. Hopefully I can sell the books to cover the cost. I am excited to do a book reading to my first graders class.

I'll keep everyone posted on how that goes!

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