Friday, March 22, 2019

1st time Elementary School reading

I will be doing an elementary school visit today at my daughter’s school to read to the entire 1st grade class. I got a call from a teacher last week about doing this. The class is reading Frog and Toad books this week and she thought my new children’s book would fit right in. I was tickled pink! I told her I would love to read to my daughter’s class. Then she called back and asked if I could read to all the classes. 4 in all. Gulp. Suddenly I’m not worried about 28 kids not liking my work, I’m worried about 120 kids.


But I’m putting on a brave face and setting off to see how the young ones like my story. It kept Morgan entertained, but will boys like it? Is it truly good or is my daughter entertained because it comes from me? I’ll find out in a few. I’m also taking coloring pages (2 different designs) and colored business cards that have a picture of Polliwog – in hopes the card makes it to the parent of the child that MUST HAVE my book. Now they know where to find me!


I will also be donating my book to the school library.


This will be a great teller if my book is really good enough to keep a 7- or 8-year old’s attention. So I need to tamp down the butterflies and enjoy the day.


Wish me luck!



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